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About us

Recruit.Space is a niche recruitment agency serving the space industry.

As we continue to expand the human footprint beyond our home planet, becoming a truly interstellar civilization will require technologies we have yet to conceive. 

While A.I. will play a crucial role in helping us achieve that goal, human ingenuity will remain integral in continuing our ascent into the cosmos. 

Recruit.Space combines 20+ years of recruitment experience in harsh environments, aerospace and oceanic sciences to identify and recruit the top minds that will engineer next generation technologies needed to advance humanity further into the universe. 


Achieving Type II Civilization Status

In 1964 Russian scientist, Nikolai Semenovich Kardashev developed the Kardashev Scale which helped benchmark the progression of human technological advancement related to space exploration. 

While we are relatively close to achieving Type I status, we are many, many years if not centuries away from achieving Type II status. At this point the full power of our host Sun will be available to us, allowing us to travel to and maybe even populate multiple inter-planetary objects. 

To achieve this goal, we will need our best minds, enhanced by technology to develop the tools and systems that will make us the dominant species beyond our own planet.

Space Recruiters

Our recruiters have one mission. Find people who can help all space technology companies achieve their own missions.

Whether you are developing space hotels, mining astroids or colonizing planets; our team of space enthusiasts who also happen to be recruiters can partner with you to identify and recruit brilliant people who are equality passionate about space exploration and commercialization. 

Domain Expertise

Live Support Systems
Space Simulation
Robotics & Automation
Research & Development

Fast & Accurate

Our relationships across multiple sectors related to space sciences gives us a deep and broad pool of candidates to search and select from.

- Contract Hires
- Direct Placement
- Systems

The talent gap within the space industry is greater than any other industry today. Many space industry workers are transplants from other industries. Space.Recruit knows where to look to find the right people quickly. 

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